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Friday, February 25, 2011

Food Hunt: Umami House Of Steamboat, Sunway Mentari, Bandar Sunway

Hello All,

Welcome back to yet another week full of Food Hunt as ME & my colleagues were in hunt for some food right here at the Sunway - Shah Alam area. And as for today, we have decided to go for a potluck which was postponed until today due to some unforeseen circumstances. We have got 8 persons attended today including Gina, Wei Wen, Wei Wen's Wife, ME, Alex Chew, Chris Ling and Tracy Teng. It was supposed to be held somewhere during the Chinese New Year period. Without any hesitation, we have chosen Umami House Of Steamboat as our choice at Sunway Mentari at Bandar Sunway. It's a steamboat buffet style that also come with a BBQ seafood as well.

We reach there around 7.00pm and there's less crowd at the restaurant until half pass seven where the crowd started to come in. It was merely full after 8.00pm. Let's go straight to the food comments. The most important thing of the steamboat buffet is the soup that would determined the taste of the overall taste. We've ordered Herbal Soup and Tom Yam soup but we are extremely disappointing as the soup that came to us is actually Herbal Soup and 'Ma Lat' (Extra Spicy) Soup. We try to consult the waiter over there and say that this is not the Tom Yam soup but she insists that it's the Tom Yam Soup. To change the soup, we are charged RM5.00. We are very unhappy with their service.

The food ingredients meanwhile are pretty fresh and not bad too. There are a lot of variety to choose from and I get to eat lots of seafood including crabs, prawns, clams etc. Besides, there were also fried chicken and other snacks that suits your for your desserts as well. The soup was extremely disappointing. The Herbal Soup was extremely salty while the Extra Spicy (Ma Lat) Soup was also very salty. We have to ask the waitress to add in water for us so that it would not be that spicy. There are lots of choices of Ice Cream as well and the taste was good too. I took 2 cups of Ice Cream that day to 'wash' my mouth because of the saltiness of the soup. It would be more fantastic if your ice-cream is added with tiny peanuts. The BBQ seafood meanwhile was pretty good that suits my taste. For my colleague Gina, she said the BBQ Seafood was not nice as it contains urine taste but for me I felt it was OK and nice to eat.

Overall the bill came and it totalled to RM210.00 for 7 persons including government and service tax. For per person, it was pretty expensive (RM28.00 per person) as other steamboat buffet restaurant charge about RM19.00 - RM23.00 per person only. I would not recommend you to the restaurant to try it out mainly because of their soup although the ingredients are pretty fresh. Frankly, the soup really sucks and I vowed not to go back there again to try it. If you still would like to go for fresh seafood or food, then you may go for it and it was good too. Enjoy! MY RATING: 3/5

*Food & Drinks Rating are based on the food and drinks we've ordered and not overall food & drinks.


12B, Ground Floor, Jalan PJS 8/17, Dataran Mentari,
46150, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Telephone: 03-56222663

Business Hours: 5.00pm - 12.00 midnight Daily

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